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The Waiting Game

I’m still waiting in vain for my grades I’m still waiting in vain for my grades From the very same day I finished my exams My heart kept thinking damn I really hope I haven’t failed a thing ye ‘cause ya know I was trying Since then I started checking grades online waiting to see the sign Don’t come to me saying, they’ll be out just now see I need a time and date somehow Because I’m still waiting in vain for my grades I’m still waiting in vain for my grades You see... Continue reading →

Busy Time During Exam Period

It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog, but with several coursework deadlines, followed by a hectic exam period, I have failed to find the time to write one. The exam period was a busy time, as always, with Part II Computer Scientists having all of their exams in two blocks of consecutive exams, which made revision a nightmare, as it was difficult to choose which module to concentrate on in the days leading up to the exams. It also meant there was very little downtime between exams. Continue reading →

Exam Results Being Returned Next Week… Tense Moments

It's been a good while since my last blog entry so I thought I would delight you with an update! So Christmas has been and gone which meant a nice piece of programming coursework which I thoroughly enjoyed writing. The two weeks after the Christmas break marked the end of semester one, which can only mean one thing... Exams! Being my first set of formal exams at university I didn't really know what to expect and more importantly how much revision to do. Continue reading →

End of Exams

End of exams! It’s the end of exams! Yay! Whilst as first years they might not count towards our final degree classification, we all still wanted to do well and getting used to a new exam system is always daunting, so it’s a great relief now they’re over. And I don’t think they went too badly either, which is good. Logic and Maths were both fine, but there was a nasty surprise in our next paper, as it had been made 25% longer than in previous years, but in the same amount of time. Continue reading →

Upcoming Exams – Fast Forward!

Exams! I had my last lecture of the semester this morning, and that can only mean one thing – exams! Yes that’s right, fast forward to Monday afternoon and I’ll be sitting my first proper university exam, on Logic Circuit Design. I had a lot of grounding in this area from my A-level Electronics course, but I have been (pleasantly) surprised by the amount of interesting new material covered. Continue reading →

Its All Go. Job, Exams and Coursework

Okay, it's 00:34, and I've just finished revising for a module test tomorrow. Suddenly the nice slow paced start to life at university has sped up to a run, and things are starting to take off. I've got a job (that was advertised through an email to ECS students), and I've just applied for another job as well. Exams are just around the corner, and coursework marks from last term are imminent. Continue reading →

MSc experiences at ECS

MSc experiences at ECS "You must answer this question": You will probably be wondering what this sentence has to do with my introduction. Well it is the sentence I say to everyone who complains about the difficulty of my name: "Mustansar" ‘Must-Ansar’ (Pronounced Must Answer). More frankly you can call me 'Musi', my nickname, and my friends call me by this name. I have been here in ECS for the last year. Continue reading →

Knowledge Transfer

Lots has been going on. I will tell you about it due course! However, my topic today is planning, organisation and motivation. The plan is mostly to share some resources that I have found. I have a problem with planning. I am really good at making plans, but have difficulty sticking to them. Maybe it's a result of overestimating what I can do, but then doing enough of it to satisfy whatever my targets were, by the *hard* deadline. Continue reading →

Hurray! Exam results are out!

Hurray! Exam results are out! Well, I am very happy. I have been really tense all those three weeks after the exams. On the results day, I could hardly wait to get to university. I turned my laptop on as soon as I reached Portswood and kept it in sleep mode all the way. By the time students were getting off on the high campus bus stop, I had “resumed” it and connected to the Internet. Continue reading →