What’s wrong with being a PhD Student?

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Adam: Musi, we supposed to have a meeting yesterday?
Musi: I think, the meeting is scheduled to be every Wednesday?
Adam: It was Wednesday yesterday!
Musi: No, today is Wednesday!
Adam: Today is Thursday, go check your calendar!
Musi: (a bit embarrassed…..), Well … blah
Adam: It’s ok, I understand you are a final year PhD…..!!!

Well, this was the argument I had with my supervisor a couple of weeks back. Afterwards, I cried, Oh God, what’s wrong with being a PhD … lol. So you can probably imagine, what was going on with me – honestly, I was not able to focus on my studies, I lost motivation, and started wasting my time. After pondering the matter, I realized I had not taken a proper break from my studies for a long time (maybe one and a half years). So I went back to my homeland, Pakistan, for four weeks. It was very pleasant to meet the family members after a prolonged time. Luckily, we managed to fix the marriage ceremony of my elder brother, which took away all the strains I was suffering over the period in research. Furthermore, I visited Saudi Arabia and Dubai as well.

When I came back, my supervisor, while having a meeting, asked: ‘Musi do you know what “Submission” is?’ I said, yes, it is a word meaning “The act of submitting”. He replied, well done, now you understand what I am saying: “Submit your thesis now”……… What……! (My thoughts: That’s not very nice Adam. I always wonder why supervisors don’t want to see a student happy; their behaviour always shows “Why you are looking happy? ….. lol).

So this was the whole story -I am at the brink of the PhD now, which implies I have to burn midnight oil to reach the hallmark of success. I am deeply indebted to Dr Adam Prugel-Bennett and Szedmák Sándor, who gave me many ideas and without their help it would not have been possible to engender an excellent project. I really appreciate Dr Adam Prugel-Bennett for his assistance, proper guidance, sincerity, and always being there with valuable feedback that is putting flesh on the bones. Furthermore, I am very grateful for the prayers and love of my parents who have always been a source of inspiration and help for me. I am working on my final works now, and afterwards, I have to windup the work and start writing.

I am going to Rome, Italy, at the end of June to present one of my published works in a conference, which demonstrates my qualities – (fanatical) passion for work, the zeal and zest of doing something novel, and quest to change and shape the world!

Wishing everyone good luck!

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