All good things must end.

Unlike every other module I’ve done at this university, UOSM2033 has been pretty much entirely based around communication. This has been a very interesting difference, as people have been able to put their points of view across strongly and actually try to better each other’s understanding while going about it. In some ways I think everyone has learnt a lot from it, and by the end views were not so disparate as they might have been at the start of the module.

As I’ve found necessary during the module occasionally, it’s time to have a break to reduce it into stats. My blog has had 698 hits during the period of the module. In total, my posts had 26 comments, and 10 pingbacks as well, my favourite being from week 2’s general feedback post! I’ve also created a word cloud of the words I used in my posts this module, just to give a sense of perspective and shape to proceedings. I definitely used sources from the Guardian more often than I was expecting.


The module has made me take on a number of different social networking platforms that I may not otherwise have used. I made a return to LinkedIn, and found that very little had changed since I’d been away. I was convinced to, however, by the massive amounts of support for it around the course, which was something I did find very interesting. It makes me very curious indeed as to what sort of contacts other people might have built up throughout life that it’s possible I am entirely missing. I also created an some time back, though all this has managed to do for me so far is send me another newsletter email to delete every week. Ah well.

I think one thing we can all take forward to other modules is the communicative community that has built up around UOSM2033 (it’s getting hard to write that without a hashtag in front). It will definitely encourage me to partake more in facebook groups for other modules I am involved in next semester to see if that has equally positive results. I have also enjoyed thinking about how the web, which one uses every day, can be used from such a number of different perspectives. Academia, for example, uses the web more than I could have imagined, and it’s also a battleground for all sorts of disputes… from #Gamergate to Topic 5’s Spotify debate!

Finally, I’ve learnt a plethora of new ways to present information, which I will be keeping in mind for use in other modules when the situation allows it. My own Powtoon and Prezi, along with a range of other ideas including vlogs and audio presentations have made this a very interesting and varied course.

And of course, who knows what could happen on this blog in the future?

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