Expression and Connection: the key to developing an authentic profile

Authenticity is the key!
Authenticity is the key!

Lets face it, building an online professional profile is becoming more and more essential today. Why? Because it has become increasingly popular for recruiters to use the web to conduct employment backgrounds and screens (Schawbel, 2011). Without this definitive presence online that attracts employers, recruiters cannot find you and make that all important judgement call on your online identity.

As a result, users are encouraged to maintain a genuine profile that helps enhance and identify their respected persona, online as much as they are offline.

SO, its about creating an authentic self-brand!

¬†You’ve got to bear in mind that its a competitive market out there, so how do you go that one step further to attract ¬†and prove yourself to companies? In my opinion, its all about social platforms nowadays- the constant networking ¬†and communication; it gives you¬†the opportunity to express¬†yourself, which at the end of the day, will make you authentic, separating¬†yourself¬†from others. According to¬†Chamorro-Premuzic, (2013), ‚Äúyour future depends on being ¬†a signal in the noisy universe of human capital”- it’s about catching the attention of others and maintaining that ¬†attention.

My LinkedIn Profile- check out the number of views of the week

Which leads onto the next important tip;¬†connecting.¬†Once you have grabbed the employers attention, you have to ¬†keep hold of it by branding yourself, sharing your thoughts and experiences, demonstrating your interest in a ¬†particular industry. You’ve got to¬†be an active online user!

A perfect examples of a social platform I use to show off my authentic online profile is Linkedin. This a professional platform, and I use it to express my experiences and skills. I also use it to research particular companies and employers, not out of my own interest, but to get myself noticed. Personally, this is a significant attribute of LinkedIn because it allows you to build a network of connections, proving to them of your interest in their company, and perhaps your perseverance in the time you spent to find them. Another example, which Im not so active on myself, if Twitter. Twitters openness allows you to showcase your talents and personality, creating relationships with those you find difficult to on other platforms (Elisha Wang, 2013).

The global market is changing for employment and competition is increasing. To conquer this, authenticity is crucial, playing a significant part in attracting companies’ attention, expressing oneself and networking with those to showcase your unique self.


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