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Five great things about being an ECS student

Five great things about being an ECS student So… I’m about halfway through my first semester, and the fact that I’m only now sitting down and writing my first entry must say a lot about how busy I am, and how much of a great time I’m having here in Southampton! Instead of writing a fairly standard article about how brilliant Southampton and ECS are academically (which they really are: check out the rest of the website if you don’t believe me), I’m really trying to write more... Continue reading →

“Let there be Spin!”

"Let there be Spin!"I ’ll be going into my sixth week at university on Monday. That is mid-way through my first Semester. Those are some scary statistics. Put them into perspective: my brain has yet to process my being at university. It doesn’t really have much time, does it? Don’t get my wrong – it’s not because it doesn’t feel like university. It’s just that it’s going too fast. Continue reading →

Decisions, decisions…

Decisions, decisions ... I'm a big fan of flexibility. Being asked to make a rushed decision is not something that I welcome. My landlord will no doubt be asking in late November as to whether we want to renew our house contract or start showing some over-eager freshers around to take our place. Note to freshers: leave it to after exams in February; the people in the houses will be more friendly and the houses aren't going anywhere. Continue reading →

End of Term is Upon Us

End of term is upon us once again. It really has flown by- I am currently sitting in my halls room, surrounded by bags and it seems like only yesterday I was packing up for the Christmas holidays. Anyway, enough nostalgia... Coursework has really been piling up recently. We now have six courses as opposed to five (in the first semester) and with them come gratuitous amounts of out-of-classroom exercises. Continue reading →

End of Term

Term came to an end. I went home. And, unsurprisingly, I found it incredibly hard to adjust - nothing is easy when you feel like it's sending you backwards. Where I was recovering from the two-and-a-bit months I'd spent here, I thought I was smacking my personality in the face over and over, and so, naturally, once January appeared I was gagging to get back. Home hadn't changed, save for the urge to be with friends more often. Continue reading →

Exam Period

The exam period has been over for a couple of weeks, and everyone is starting to get back into the swing of things (which is why I am writing this). All in all, it didn’t go too badly, although the timetable for the first week was a bit of a nightmare. Who wants an exam at 9.30am on the first day of the exam window? The second semester has finally kicked into gear after the introductory lectures, and several pieces of lab work have now been set in several modules. Continue reading →