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Semester 2


Resuming where we left off The second year, so far, has been interesting. A cliche, but true. First, I must take a slightly more serious tone than the whimsical one that I normally use. The past couple of months have been quite difficult for myself. The stress of coming back to university, a troubling personal development, and mental health issues have all conspired to do generically evil and mean things. Continue reading →

Weather Improvement!

Hi everyone! Finally the weather has improved. The bright sunshine has spread all over, with some colourful flowers and lush green grass making it more beautiful. Had a very nice time back home during easter, also had a taste of flight delays due to volcanic eruption but it was fun, getting 10 more days to spend with friends and family. It has been three weeks since I came back. It was a very sweet welcome by the busy schedule of labs and courseworks that I missed due to the delay. Continue reading →

Programming Modules

So I make it about time for another overdue entry... I'm now approaching the end of semester 2, which is the end of the first year - how crazy is that!! The second semester has been much more Computer Science based, even though I'm a Software Engineer I'm on the Comp Sci course for the first few years. I've especially enjoyed the Advanced Programming module (COMP1003) on Java and the courseworks have really progressed my Java skills. Continue reading →