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Time flies…

It has already been over a month since I arrived in UK. Time flies when I’m still busy with my coursework and studies. Though this is the first time I’m in UK, settling down doesn’t take much time for me as the university provides excellent student service and accommodation for international students. However, I find myself having to work really hard to keep up with the lectures. Continue reading →

New Beginnings

Hello world. Over the period of the next three years, I will be posting in this little space, with (hopefully) useful insights of university life. I was born and bred in Singapore, a little country in south-eastern Asia. Climatically speaking, Singapore is hot all year round - as compared to Southampton, which is freezing (by my standards) at the moment. Journey to the UK took a killer 18 hours. That's how far away from home i am... Continue reading →

Network Issues over Christmas

OK, I know it's been absolutely AGES since I've last updated this. Two months and a bit. It's a disgrace, I know and I'm terribly sorry. I've been busy. I was probably busy doing stuff other than work, but nonetheless, faffing is still an activity :P At least we've got loads more bloggers to fill in the gap this time around. I can't believe how much the ECS student blogging community has grown and they're writing some pretty good stuff as well. Continue reading →