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Highlights of My Time at Southampton

This time 4 years ago I was celebrating my A-level results and getting a highly prestigious place at ECS. Now I am a graduate and I can’t believe where all that time has gone! I hope over this time I have been able to give you an insight in to what student life in Southampton is really like, but all good things must come to an end and this will sadly be my final blog. Continue reading →

ECS Undergraduate – What a Great Position

Welcome to my first blog entry, which has a zombie theme. The reason for this will become clear but I wanted to warn you from the outset that I might be digging up some pretty old jokes... So, having read other ECS blogs for the last year fascinated to know what being an ECS undergrad is like, I'm now one of them! What a great position to be in - I really am anticipating having a fantastic year. Continue reading →

Jumpstart in a Nutshell

OK, I'll admit it, I'm about five days late posting this. I meant to write this last weekend, but never quite got around to it somehow. JumpStart is the first thing that hits anyone arriving at ECS on time. While it does count a bit for one of the modules, it's not really about the module scores, more the fun that can be had. Our challenge this year involved creating a photo storyboard which had to meet a load of criteria. Some of these ranged from the mundane (e.g. Continue reading →

One Year Down….

Well, that's it! It's the end of my first year at Southampton University and boy has time flown by. I can't believe that this time last year I was still revising hard for the last of my A-level exams and yet now Part I is all over. My final exam was last Tuesday and overall I was very pleased with how they went. Continue reading →

Infinity and Beyond

Getting to grips with this university lark, I think. Having being told by various former work colleagues that, despite the best attempts of universities to convince otherwise, studying at undergraduate life involves attending a few lectures and not much else, I would like to know to which establishments of higher education they were referring. It bears no reflection to how much work that I've been putting in. Continue reading →

First Thoughts about University of Southampton

#1 – First Thoughts Wow. I’m actually here. I don’t really know when it hit me; it seems to have been kind of gradual. But I’m actually at Southampton University, learning again, after a year out in the Real World. It’s quite a surreal experience, but to tell the truth I absolutely love it. The place, the people, the course, I don’t know if it’s something in the water but everything here just seems incredible. Continue reading →

Im Finally a University Student

Hello, world! (or should that be System.out.println("Hello, world!");) It's only in writing this blog, that it's finally hit me that I'm a university student!? I know this may seem strange.. I've shopped for myself and cooked for myself, done my own laundry, gone to lectures, done lab work.. The list goes on, but still, it's only now that I've realized that I'm a real university student. Continue reading →

New Mature Student – Part II

Part 2 As expected, the work has already started to flow in. The mathematics module is self-taught and frequently tested. Most of the subject matter will be familiar, but even so it takes time to complete the exercises provided. As knowledge of programming varies considerably between various students in part I, ECS-speak for the first year, all levels of ability are catered for. Continue reading →