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IT Innovation

As you may have read I've done a summer internship at IT Innovation. At first I did some user interface design work, followed by some business process modelling, and finally, some Twitter research! I researched how to rank users based on their influence rather than using a trivial method such as looking at the amount of followers they have. Continue reading →

IT Innovation

It's been a month since I've started working at IT Innovation, where as I mentioned in my last post, I got the job. It's a lovely ride up there each day (weather-permitting). I have been assigned to the WeGov Project as that is the one I expressed most interest in at my interview. In a nutshell, I get paid to use Facebook and Twitter. Of course, this is an overly-simplistic summary. My real work is in delving deep into social networking APIs and topic-opinion analysis. Continue reading →

ECS Helpdesk

I am now a proud member of ECS Helpdesk. It was a tough battle to get there... I had to submit a decent CV and convince them at the interview I was the man for the job. Blood was spilt and tears were wept (there were loads of applicants), but I managed it! I'll be working for a probationary period on Fridays for just 2 hours. So nothing too demanding. My forte in this position will be solving problems in NetBeans and Eclipse. Continue reading →

Programming Modules

So I make it about time for another overdue entry... I'm now approaching the end of semester 2, which is the end of the first year - how crazy is that!! The second semester has been much more Computer Science based, even though I'm a Software Engineer I'm on the Comp Sci course for the first few years. I've especially enjoyed the Advanced Programming module (COMP1003) on Java and the courseworks have really progressed my Java skills. Continue reading →

Computer Systems Engineering Lab Partner

“Oh yes,” says my lab partner, taking his hand slowly off the dials of our laser-powered-communications-testy-ma-thing. “I am the MASTER of fine adjustments!” It had sort of got to that point. You can only spend so long meticulously observing “laser safety” before the insanity starts to creep in. It didn't help that we were all made to swear oaths of blood (alright, maybe just sign forms) promising the following: 1. I will not undertake any laser work without a supervisor. 2. Continue reading →

Writing My Own C# Game

I'm typing this on my netbook, surrounded by piles of a teenage boy's laundry. Next to me, someone is fighting off a combination of head-grabbing aliens and gas-mask wearing policemen (courtesy of Microsoft's Xbox360) while, somewhere in the distance, a King Charles spaniel snuffles around looking for a free meal. I must be home for Easter. There's always something a little weird about arriving back at the parents' house after being away all term. Continue reading →

Infinity and Beyond

Getting to grips with this university lark, I think. Having being told by various former work colleagues that, despite the best attempts of universities to convince otherwise, studying at undergraduate life involves attending a few lectures and not much else, I would like to know to which establishments of higher education they were referring. It bears no reflection to how much work that I've been putting in. Continue reading →

The Exams Story

The Exams Story Firstly, exams were tough. It is hard to find any MSc student (at least it's true for Software Engineering and Web Technology) who would disagree with this statement. However, having said that, I must remind you guys that we were told we need provide “sufficient evidence of background reading”. That’s where the real story begins! From my personal point of view, these exams were slightly different than those I had taken in my undergraduate study. Continue reading →