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Exam : Holidays :: Bread : Butter

Two weeks back the cloud of examinations loomed over the University of Southampton. The parties stopped, the games were paused and the library was over-booked. An extremely serious atmosphere prevailed in the University as I sat and wrote my first semester exams. For me these exams were different. The way I studied for them was very different to methods I used while studying for an exam in school. Being engineers we aren’t restricted to a syllabus. Continue reading →

Time flies…

It has already been over a month since I arrived in UK. Time flies when I’m still busy with my coursework and studies. Though this is the first time I’m in UK, settling down doesn’t take much time for me as the university provides excellent student service and accommodation for international students. However, I find myself having to work really hard to keep up with the lectures. Continue reading →

A year late…

Almost a year since my previous blog post so I will fill you in with what has been going on in my life! Last year shortly after my blog post I successfully applied for a position at Buckle Consulting, a local web design company close to campus. The job was ideal: web design being a familiar area to me, course related, part-time and working from home. Continue reading →

Undergraduate Storyboard

Hiya, my name is Sally, I am an undergraduate student of the University of Southampton, I am doing Electronic Engineering in ECS! This blog is like a storyboard recording and showing you my life here as a student in Southampton, the University and in ECS (Just like the relationship between the library ---- , its function category of –Mathematics-- and the specific operation --abort()-- in C programming )! I hope you find the story FUN! ------------<stdlib. Continue reading →

Perfect Tools

About this time last year I spent some time reading these blogs here. It turned out to be a quite useful resource not only for "meeting" people from Southampton, but also getting a better overview of the course itself. Reading personal experiences may convey more information than the formal syllabus, which is abstract and does not tell the whole story (of course, I'm not saying these blogs do). Continue reading →


Introductions. I’ve probably done more introductions in my first week at Southampton than I’ve done in my life, and frankly, they’re not getting any more interesting. Hi! I’m Yusra, embarking on my four-year electronic-engineering ‘journey’ at ECS. (Also, now is a good time to warn you that this entry will probably be long). Normally, I hate beginnings, starting new sounds a lot better on paper than it really is. Continue reading →

Fourth Year…

So here I am at the start of four years in Southampton. And the first week and a half have been more eventful than I could have thought. Living in halls is a great experience, and the best part is being completely self-sufficient. Before coming here I had never done my own washing (Mum’s job), cooked for myself properly (Mum’s job), or had to think about money so much (also Mum’s job). Continue reading →

Playing with emerging web technologies

During the last week I've been playing with some of the emerging Web technologies that aim to make the Internet a more interesting place over the next few years. I've just finished redesigning my ECS Web site with HTML5 and a little bit of clever CSS, partly to see what can be achieved in a modern browser and partly to see if I could build a really simple content management system (CMS) in PHP without using a database or a web-based front-end. Continue reading →