December already…

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December already …

So I sit here, just under two weeks to go until the end of term, wondering what to write.

My first COMP1004 coursework was submitted on Friday, and based on Eric’s response on Friday when I showed him at the end of a lecture, he was quite amused. Since the beginning of the term, Eric has been repeatedly mentioning the MIDI library in Java. I figured it was time to use it.

The eventual thing was to add an extension to the coursework that used an extension to the graphical framework provided. Since the framework provided a grid, I made mine let you play Tetris, complete with the music accompanying you.

The general IT problems in halls have subsided, and I’m left with a little time to do work. Of course, there’s naturally plenty of that to keep me occupied. Currently it’s the discrete maths that’s proving taxing on the brain, and as many of my course-mates will agree it’s not the easiest subject to grasp. I’m hoping the coming Christmas break will allow me to remedy that.

There’s still not enough hours in the day, but life as a student probably should be like that. I’m slowly trying to back out of one of the four clubs I’ve joined, at the same time as doing the finances for another, and managing all of the equipment for a third. I’ve got a concert with the Brass Band on Thursday and Sunday of this week, and there’s an assessment due a week on Friday. Other than that, life’s perfectly fine.

I feel I should (at this stage) point people in the general direction of helpdesk’s blog. Hiding over at Weevils ate the Bismark (, you will find the tales of two people without whom, ECS would probably be tripping over its own network cables.

Sidenote: JD and Toby, if you’re reading this, sorry for being a pain!

So that’s all for now, more to come in the New Year.

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