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October 25, 2011
by Christopher Gutteridge

A helpful chap named Glyn, from pointed out that it’s hard to verify that the council really gave us permission to republish their bus data under the license we claim.

As a really simple and cheap solution to this, all pages on our site using this data, eg. now have a link at the bottom with the following text:

Bus stops, routes & live data provided under the Open Government License by the Southampton City Council ROMANSE office. To verify, see the Confirmation Page.

The important part is the ROMANSE project have provided a nice simple license verification page on their site at which allows a 3rd party to verify in seconds that we’re telling the truth and are in agreement with the data provider. The above link is a page which just reads:

Southampton ROMANSE shared data

The ROMANSE Data on Bus Stops, Bus Routes and Live Bus Times is available via the University of Southampton Open Data Service, Under the Open Government License

I suggest that republishing someone else’s data, with permission, this is a good practice to establish and much cheaper than any other alternative.

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