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Where does the Money Go?

March 12, 2011
by Christopher Gutteridge

After many battles with excel, pivot tables and the IBM “Many Eyes”s site, I’ve had a go at visualising our Payments Dataset. I’m now an armchair auditor!

Please note that I am far an expert in working with such data so the below graphs should not be considered “official” data from the university as I may have made mistakes in my processing. The data is not entirely complete as it contains no payments to individuals, and nothing commercially sensitive.

Here’s who we’ve paid money to in that dataset… I had to trim the data down to payments of £10K+ as otherwise it seemed to crash their java!

U. of Southampton Spending by company 10K+ Many Eyes

This shows a break down of the broad categories and sub categories of what we paid money for.

Where does our (U of Southampton) Money Go? Many Eyes

I hope that we’ve got some budding statisticians, accountants or data visualisers who can do something better than me!

One cool idea; find out what payees we have in common with the local hospitals and council: