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Ask the SPARQL Monkey

July 26, 2011
by Christopher Gutteridge

We had a neat idea the other day, to offer a “ask the SPARQL Monkey” service, which you can request we create you a custom query over the Southampton data service, eg. lat+long and building name of all buildings containing a vending machine(!). Please make requests as comments on this post for now. We can’t promise we can address your requests, but we’ll have a go. One of the output options is CSV which loads right into Microsoft Excel.

Also, if anyone feels artistics, we’re looking for an illustration of the SPARQL Monkey which we can put on a corner of the data homepage to advertise this service.

ps. This offer is open to anyone (not just Southampton people) who’s interested in working with our data and would like an XML, CSV or JSON version of some of it.

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