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July 20, 2011
by Christopher Gutteridge

Executive Summary: data.southampton now has little +Share links which let you share the current page via your favorite social network. ShareNice does not track the pages you visit.

We have added sharenice links to data.southampton (see the +Share link near the top of each page). This is a tool developed by Mischa Tuffield, who studied at Southampton but now works for the firm Garlik.

The reason we have picked this service is partly that it’s useful, sufficient and easy to add, but there’s several social similar services, but this one is run by Mischa, who has made a positive reputations for himself with his concerns over the way tools like this can be used to track visitors. Most notably, his comments on the fact that the NHS could be exposing site visitors to having their page views tracked by Facebook. These comments resulted in an MP asking questions.

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