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Quick Sunday Update

July 17, 2011
by Christopher Gutteridge

First of all, I’ve also just added a new post over at the web team blog which might be interesting to our readers on the data blog, if you’ve ever been confused about the relationship between Open Data, Linked Data and RDF Data.

Secondly, I’ve just added in the sameAs links between our bus-stop data and I should have done this months ago, but kept forgetting. It’s up now and I imagine Hugh Glaser will import them into the service which will allow you to discover our data on Southampton bus-stops by resolving the government ID for a bus-stop in (maybe we’ll link to a demo, as I don’t think I explained that very well!)

** UPDATE **: Turns out my sameAs links were wrong, but Colin has created a full set which also links our codes for train stations and I’ve added in the airport. I’ve published it as a separate linkset.

Lastly, I asked a few keys staff for comments about the value of Open Data, and here’s a great one:

The Open Day map, based on open data, amazed so many of our visitors, is was great example of how our leading edge research has translated into a very real an practical application, second only to Soton Bus!

— University of Southampton Pro Vice-Chancellor Education, Professor Debra Humphris

The open days pages aren’t actually linked from the data.southampton homepage; but they aren’t secret, just only valuable for the period of the now-passed event.

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3 thoughts on “Quick Sunday Update

  1. Hi Chris,

    I’m not convinced that all of your sameAs links are correct. For example, you list as being sameAs At, there does not appear to be a bus stop with that URI. The correct URI in this case appears to be, which I had put into a while ago. See

    You might want to check your mappings with the ones I had put into, as I confirmed that their co-ordinates roughly matched the ones in the Southampton dataset.

    It looks like Hugh might have already imported your new mappings though?

  2. Sure, I’ve just sent it to you by email.

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