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This has easily been the most extensive and current topic so far. Many of the blogs written are very different and to some extent reflect our personal and social experiences and also our views of our identities. Similarly, many blogs seemed to be written reflecting current societal attitudes to one’s own identity. On a magnified level however, these blogs have shown clearly how there is much more to the arguably popular view that having multiple identities can be a sinister affair. In Lucy’s blog it is clear that in her view, she feels that having multiple identities allows her to use social networks more efficiently, and thus markets herself differently according to her audience. In Pippa’s blog, there is a clear emphasis on tuning or adapting your behavior and use online. A very common strain that runs through the blogs is severe consideration of the future, and the awareness of consequences from things that one might have posted in the past.

In my last post I mentioned that many of us have spent our formative years on social networks and heard of dramas befalling other people for something that has been written online which is why it is a prime consideration. As a soon to be job hunting graduate, it has all added to create an abject awareness of the importance of having an online presence, which is also expansive, highly tuned, and respectable. Furthermore, from reading the blogs, there is a very diverse way of looking at identities online, with a comparison with physical identities. Overall however, from the comments left on my blog and in general from the other blogs, it is clear that many people view having multiple identities as vastly different things – sometimes to the point of confusion.

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