An Overview…

Again, two weeks into this project I am still learning the finer details of this course. In hindsight I would like to say that I am proficient using WordPress and the whole blogging concept in general is second nature but I’d be wrong. There is a lot for me to still learn and I need to make the most of these drop-in sessions provided to me.

That said, UOSM2033 itself I find refreshing in the sense that this course’s approach to learning is unique. I don’t think I’ve ever attended a course where turning up to lectures was not compulsory :D The freedom blogging provides, means that I can leisurely check up on my comments and spend more time delving deeper. Now back to the topic!

So, how has my understanding of digital residents improved. Well, unfortunately I do no have the feedback of my peers so I am unable to take on-board any criticisms of my opinion. Needless to say, having looked at other views of White’s and Le Cornu’s Theory of Digital ‘ Residents’ and ‘Visitors’ it is clear to me that this theory is a very crude way of determining the types of people that use the internet. Like society, the Web strata has evolved over the past 3 decades and an amalgamation of many factors means that this theory, in my opinion, is no longer valid.

Bring on the next topic! Check this space :)


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