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#6 – Christmas Holidays

#6 - Christmas Holidays Hooray, Christmas holidays! finally some time off - these last few weeks have been insane. I've had 6 pieces of coursework since about the second week of term, all due in over the last four. But now, I am (mostly) free! I have two pieces of coursework due after Christmas, but both are group pieces that are pretty hard to get done individually, so other than revision for the 6 exams I have, I have most of this time off. Yay! I love my job at the Union bars. Continue reading →

Term is done!

Well that was quick. I know this term is only just over two months long - but it would seem that once you get started at University, you lose all sense of time. This applies to, one, being horribly late for lectures, two, coursework deadlines, three, to how long you've actually known the people around you (it seems like forever a lot of the time), and finally four, to how long you've been here. Continue reading →

Term has well and truly ended…

Our term has well and truly ended, exam results have been published and everyone’s getting ready to go on holiday, starts to rain. Good old predictable English weather. But not to worry. I was extremely pleased with my results, receiving a first with room to spare – it’s a shame these marks don’t count towards the final degree! As for holidays, well, tomorrow I’m going on tour with SUJO, playing in jazz festivals across France and Spain for the next 8 days. Continue reading →