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Sounding the student voice!

The student representation pyramid empowers students to ensure the University provides them with the best study experience possible; both sides are winners as the University only gets better while students get an awesome experience! Students go to university to acquire knowledge and expertise within one or more fields of education after which they get a formal recognition – in the form of degrees - from the university recognising the students' work. Continue reading →

#6 – Christmas Holidays

#6 - Christmas Holidays Hooray, Christmas holidays! finally some time off - these last few weeks have been insane. I've had 6 pieces of coursework since about the second week of term, all due in over the last four. But now, I am (mostly) free! I have two pieces of coursework due after Christmas, but both are group pieces that are pretty hard to get done individually, so other than revision for the 6 exams I have, I have most of this time off. Yay! I love my job at the Union bars. Continue reading →

#5 – Back to Uni!

#5 - Back to Uni! So, I've just started back at uni. Second year promises to be insanely hard, but it should be good fun. I'm happy that I get to see all my friends again, and it means I finally have something to do! Woohoo. I've been so bored these last few months. Finding a summer job is impossibly difficult, but, and here's some pretty big news, I actually have a freaking job! Woohoo! I'm working as a Barman in the Student Union. Continue reading →

Homesickness over the holidays!

Following on from my previous post I'd like to say, well, what a surprise. Housing is definitely not something to think about yet. Thank you for clarifying that, SUSU. No applications for housing can really be made until February. Despite this, people are choosing to select their housemates now. Insert confused face here. Since I've been in Southampton, I have not felt even the slightest touch of homesickness. Continue reading →

Term is done!

Well that was quick. I know this term is only just over two months long - but it would seem that once you get started at University, you lose all sense of time. This applies to, one, being horribly late for lectures, two, coursework deadlines, three, to how long you've actually known the people around you (it seems like forever a lot of the time), and finally four, to how long you've been here. Continue reading →

Writer’s Block?

I’ve finally decided that “writer’s block” is a pretty lame excuse and I must entertain you with my first blog entry. ;) England is treating me surprisingly well. Everyone spends at least 5 minutes a day loathing local weather but I think it’s not that bad. I am not a great fan of monsoon season we are experiencing for the past two weeks, but at least it’s warmer than back home. Continue reading →

Creative Writing!

If I have any 'regular' readers (though the only feedback is from my dad!), then I must apologise for my lack of activity on this blog in recent months. June is the time for the first piece of assessment, of sorts, in my PhD, so I have been building up to and working on this. Continue reading →