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Applying for MSc’s

A few months back I mentioned that I have been applying to do an MSc at a few US universities. I applied for a few really good ones with the hopes that I might be able to convince them that I would be worthy of one such place. Never had I imagined that my truly long shot, Carnegie Mellon, would offer me a spot. Don't get me wrong, it's been a hard and long process, and it's been tough balancing how much time I spent preparing for next year vs concentrating on my current degree. Continue reading →

Actually Finished a Lab

The focus of my third year project is coming along, though I am getting worried about the scope. Spent most of today researching the relevant topics, and putting the finishing touches on my ethics comittee application for a questionnaire I intend to run to gather requirements for my 3YP. Had the second of two graphics labs on Wednesday, I was much more comfortable with it this time around as I knew what to expect. Continue reading →

The Arrival of the End

The Arrival of the End It has been a while since I last visited these here pages with an account of the adventures I have experienced as an MSc student in ECS. Now I find these adventures have come to end, brought about by the end of my oh so important dissertation. For those of you that don’t know, the dissertation is the super-project that separates the MSc from a normal undergraduate degree. Continue reading →

MSc experiences at ECS

MSc experiences at ECS "You must answer this question": You will probably be wondering what this sentence has to do with my introduction. Well it is the sentence I say to everyone who complains about the difficulty of my name: "Mustansar" ‘Must-Ansar’ (Pronounced Must Answer). More frankly you can call me 'Musi', my nickname, and my friends call me by this name. I have been here in ECS for the last year. Continue reading →

The Exams Story

The Exams Story Firstly, exams were tough. It is hard to find any MSc student (at least it's true for Software Engineering and Web Technology) who would disagree with this statement. However, having said that, I must remind you guys that we were told we need provide “sufficient evidence of background reading”. That’s where the real story begins! From my personal point of view, these exams were slightly different than those I had taken in my undergraduate study. Continue reading →

How to Decide Where to Study

System.out.println(“Hello World”); * And that’s how you start your career in software engineering! Among the many good decision that I have made in my life, l would rather say – short life ;) one was to join software engineering and the other was to choose ECS for my MSc! I have an odd habit to delay an important decision unless I have gained all the essential knowledge needed to make that decision. Continue reading →