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What An Awesotronic Year!

It’s almost shocking that we are already through with the 2010/2011 academic year! Indeed, how time flies. I can still vividly remember the Freshers’ Week/Jumpstart events at the beginning of the Fall term and then our very first Semester I lectures which gradually built up to the exams. Now, it’s almost two weeks since our last Semester II exams and I cannot but marvel at what an eventful academic year it has been. Continue reading →

Last semester was, like, totally the worst thing ever

Last semester was, like, totally the worst thing ever. I turned up to maybe less than half of the lectures, was consistency working right up the deadline, leaving revision right til the last second and, I dunno, just generally being what Mr. T would describe as a 'fool'. To ensure this never ever happens again I've made a few life changes. First and foremost (and I know this sounds unlikely) I've decided to do coursework as soon as it's set. Crazy I know. Continue reading →

The Corkboard is filled with Random Bits of Paper

On the wall above my desk, is a large cork-board. One half of this currently has on it a random jumble of bits of paper including my lecture timetable, a map of the university, the passcode for my wireless internet, and a picture of Prince William on a motorbike cut out of the Metro. The other side is my Quote Wall, a veritable library of amusing, interesting, or thought-provoking sentences I've heard members of the human race come out with. Continue reading →

My First Blog Post – Lets Start With an Introduction

Hello! As this is my first blog post, I guess the obvious place for me to start is by introducing myself. I am here in Southampton to study MEng Electronic Engineering and love every minute of it! I decided to come to Southampton not only because of its great rankings in the league tables but also because of the warmth and sense of fun that was conveyed at the open days and interview. Continue reading →


JumpStart! Have I only been here two weeks?! Wow. I feel like I’ve been here forever – but in a good way. A very good way. Like most people, I arrived here amidst a confusing concoction of excitement and anxiousness, but I am amazed how quickly we have all settled in and what an amazing time I have had. Fresher’s week was extremely hectic and very fun. I met so many new people and forgotten oh so many names – but then that’s half the fun really. Continue reading →