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My Tokyo Summer Placement

A special summer こんにちは皆さん! Hello everyone and welcome to this very special edition of my blog, brought to you from 6000 miles away in Japan! The Japanese at the start means “Hello everyone”, by the way. So, what am I doing here? Well, to answer this question you must cast your mind back (or at least move your scroll bar down!) to the end of last year, when I had a string of interviews for summer placements. Continue reading →

68 days and counting

68 days and counting No update last week as the project was put to one side in order to prepare for a presentation and grammar test in French. A language module is 16 weeks long and counts as a double module. This means that it runs up until the 4th week of the second semester. The final two assessments count to the remaining 20% of the mark. A good result in both would give me a first-class mark overall, so naturally it made sense to prioritise. Continue reading →

Christmas Holidays 2010

I’m typing this at home, on a new Samsung netbook, surrounded by great food and family and just watched a great English team retain The Ashes in Australia – it’s been a very good week to say the least! After a successful but hectic year it’s been really nice to have a little break from it all and recharge my batteries before it all starts again in 2011. Before I sign off for 2010 though, I first must tell you about my exciting December. Continue reading →

Job Interviews

Job Interviews It has been pretty busy round here lately. There's the usual overcrowding problem in the labs as everyone tries to print their dissertations and theses at the same time, lots of last-minute coursework submissions and the beginnings of exam preparation. Then there are the interviews, screening processes and assessment days all curiously scheduled to conflict with the major university deadlines. Continue reading →