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We’re Back!

Trust me, if I had thought a year back that I would be writing this then my past self would have wanted to stab my future self, but in spite of myself I have to say – I really missed Southampton. After a break of almost 4 months, it’s amazingly amazing to be back. Right now, I have given up the comforts of living in a university hall and have taken up the challenge to dwell in a nice antique house. I am calling it antique because it really is. Continue reading →

End of Term is Upon Us

End of term is upon us once again. It really has flown by- I am currently sitting in my halls room, surrounded by bags and it seems like only yesterday I was packing up for the Christmas holidays. Anyway, enough nostalgia... Coursework has really been piling up recently. We now have six courses as opposed to five (in the first semester) and with them come gratuitous amounts of out-of-classroom exercises. Continue reading →

December already…

December already ... So I sit here, just under two weeks to go until the end of term, wondering what to write. My first COMP1004 coursework was submitted on Friday, and based on Eric's response on Friday when I showed him at the end of a lecture, he was quite amused. Since the beginning of the term, Eric has been repeatedly mentioning the MIDI library in Java. I figured it was time to use it. Continue reading →

Moving house

Feeling slightly elated after receiving my results a couple of days ago. Only 40% is required to pass and the grades from this year have no value in the overall degree. Hence, it would have been easy to adopt the attitude that this will be easy therefore only the effort required to do this should be made. To use the vernacular: that would have been something of an epic fail. (Yes, I had to look up 'vernacular' in the dictionary as well. Continue reading →