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The Second Year of an Electronic Engineering student is synonymous with slow torture

The Second Year of an Electronic Engineering student is synonymous with slow torture(that you somewhat enjoy!). After all, we have just begun our second week and already, the work has been heaped upon us. Last year, after we were forced to become code-breaking experts to be employed in WW1 (the type of encoding we were tackling was popular then); I thought that I could finally bid adieu to my worst nemesis - Programming. Continue reading →

First Year is Over

Hi all. My first year is over, in fact, it has been over for a while now. But I couldn’t avoid taking my mind out off ECS for a while. I must admit that even if it is supposed to be the easiest one, year one knew how to stress me out from time to time. Anyhow, I am happy to announce that I have not failed any module and I do not have to re-sit any exams. Therefore, I am half-way through my four-month summer vacation worrying about nothing. Continue reading →

I Have Learnt A Lot Since My Last Post

Some of the things I have learnt since my last post: 1. Writing a compiler is hard (but fun). I don't know what it was, whether it was the timing of the coursework assignments, the abnormal length of the term, or just people leaving things to the last minute, but what we ended up with was one of the most difficult weeks of the term, as everyone furiously attempted to complete the coursework for the Compiler Engineering module. Continue reading →

Being a part of ECS has many perks

Being a part of ECS has many perks – near unlimited access to extremely powerful computers, discounts on a large amount of professional level software, very knowledgeable and helpful staff, there’s a lot going for it beyond the quality of the education. But above all that is without a shadow of a doubt the free food. Today (as of writing) we were offered a free, all-you-can-eat buffet lunch in the Mountbatten common room. Rolls! Crisps! Éclairs! Doughnuts! Water! Truly, it was excellent. Continue reading →

Where did semester one go?

Where did semester one go? Without wishing to resort to cliché, time has genuinely flown by. My friends and tutor group are so familiar now, it feels as if I’ve known them for years… it’s so strange to think I’ve known them for less than four months! JumpStart (programme for ECS students during freshers’ week) is now just a hazy memory in a brain that’s being rapidly filled up. Continue reading →

ECSS After Exams Social

I write this, my first blog entry, in the wake of the ECSS After Exams Social. I think I speak for all the second year Computer Scientists (and I suspect all ECS students in general) when I say that this semester has been a lot of hard work, and it's always nice to get out of it for a bit and see everyone in a location other than Zepler Labs for a change! As much as I've been working this semester, it has still been a really good few months for me, for a number of reasons. Continue reading →

Paradox of Choice

I don't know if you've ever heard of this, but there's this thing called the Paradox of Choice, which is where so many choices to make can cause anxiety and possibly result in no choice being made. What I'm getting at is this: there are so many fields us ECS-graduates can go into afterwards, I have no idea where/what I will be doing when I graduate. This occurred to me as I was round a friend's house for dinner the other night and they said they were graduating in about half a year or so. Continue reading →

Semester 1, Year 2

Semester 1 of Year 2 has been really hard work, hence, the lack of blog posts. I think to this date, we've had about 12 courseworks. And then there's the January exams. Still... don't panic. Also, I think it's also reasonable to expect that a degree at a world-leading institute such as ECS would be at least *slightly* difficult! One of our courseworks was for the Operating Systems module; we had to implement a memory allocator in C. Continue reading →

Snow, ethics and the ability to blag

Snow, ethics and the ability to blag It has been an interesting week which was initially dominated by the snowfall and the disruption that it caused. There was never any question of putting my feet up and using the abject weather conditions as an excuse - a simple case of far too work to do. As I'd be holding back on a day off from work, I had no problem with getting involved in the snowman construction - Man with shovel, will travel - on the Thursday. Continue reading →

ECS Early Christmas Party

Christmas is coming which means holidays are around the corner. The heavy snow that fell a few days ago has triggered even more anticipation for this coming winter break. Nevertheless, the deadline for assignments is approaching as we are counting down for the holidays. This is definitely a very odd mixture of feelings. When I woke up on Thursday morning and looked out of the window, instead of seeing the gloomy sky, the whole world outside was covered with thick white snow. Continue reading →