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Term is done!

Well that was quick. I know this term is only just over two months long - but it would seem that once you get started at University, you lose all sense of time. This applies to, one, being horribly late for lectures, two, coursework deadlines, three, to how long you've actually known the people around you (it seems like forever a lot of the time), and finally four, to how long you've been here. Continue reading →

Procrastination and Distractions are Still Apparent

The temptation of distraction that I had whilst studying at college seems to have carried over to university quite well. There is always this massive urge to do anything but homework; my head even makes it seem that tidying my room is better. Which is a lie. I just need to be more strict with myself, he says, whilst sitting in his room, writing his blog and listening to house music... Continue reading →

Hello Eager Spectators

Hello, eager spectators, and welcome to my page of internet-based thought dumps that many have come to know as a blog. Over the coming months, I aim to provide you with some sort of insight into my scary new university life... I arrived here petrified. Nothing in this world could've been scarier for me than being thrust into an environment of unknown peoples. Continue reading →