Hello Eager Spectators

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Hello, eager spectators, and welcome to my page of internet-based thought dumps that many have come to know as a blog. Over the coming months, I aim to provide you with some sort of insight into my scary new university life…

I arrived here petrified. Nothing in this world could’ve been scarier for me than being thrust into an environment of unknown peoples. As I stepped out of the car I was greeted by a talkative year two – she kept my woes at bay for a bit while my stuff was moved into my room and kitchen by my step-mum, who, coincidentally, talked to the first flatmate we saw before I had a chance to. Then, something strange happened; after about two minutes of moving stuff in I wanted nothing less than to cling to my family and beg to be taken home. In fact, I felt completely and utterly sick of them, and after running away from the family minibus, an overwhelming sense of freedom came over me, and from there things just kept getting better really.

Confidence with other people is not one of my strong points, especially when I have to make friends out of strangers – in terms of social activity I’ve really been pushed these past three weeks, because apart from anything else, it’s unavoidable. In this sense, university is actually good for me. It stops me worrying about these things. I’ve built up a set of friends at an astronomical rate, something I’ve never been able to accomplish before, and for this reason, I’m on a high a lot of the time, and though I still worry about social scenarios, most of my worries are now directed towards whether last night’s stir-fry gave me salmonella or not, which in my view is actually a lot more of a reasonable thing to worry about.

Before I arrived here in the strange new world that is Southampton, I never really went to any clubs or gigs (or anything normally associated with fun, for that matter). Since I arrived, things have been different. However, the clubbing experience would appear to be a learning curve of sorts for me; amongst other things, I’ve learnt that clubbing alone is a nightmare, claustrophobia is something you just have to tolerate, and that use of shades is generally not advisable for some reason. Now, on Thursday night I saw Chase & Status – quite possibly the biggest drum & bass band right now – at The Cube. Just before they came on, I made my way to the front of the club with my friends. So, shortly afterwards, I had to move to the back, as the lack of room was just too much, and lost my party as a result. The music was amazing but I wasn’t getting anything out of it due to a lack of anyone I knew cropping up, so, I left. Waste of £15, a night, and a spectacular live act. I’ll know better next time…

Also before I go, time for a shameless plug: I should maybe alert you to my main blog, where I tend to write a bit more aimlessly and randomly – I should warn you, however, that it is not always very tasteful and should not be associated with ECS or the University of Southampton in any way, shape or form. And finally, my proper website should be cropping up soon – this will (stressing future tense) be appearing soon. At the moment it consists of one rather obscure page which was put up for the sole purpose of telling the teacher that I knew how to upload my files properly. Stay tuned if you dare.

Peace out

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