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This entry is a brief reintroduction for people who have not read my blog before and an indication to its future direction. At this point, I'm a mature student - comes with being ten years senior to most of my fellow students - studying Computer Science, and this will be my third year at the University of Southampton. I've worked in the IT industry as a developer for several years prior to my re-entry into study. Continue reading →

University Eve

University Eve I write on the eve of another university year. Freshers week has passed and was an opportunity to get back to see friends after the summer period. Even in the age of IM and Facebook, going down the pub reigns supreme. In amongst the relaxed air of relative freedom, I detect a more sombre mood as the experience of the second's year graft has sunk in, with the majority expecting a repeat performance to maintain their marks. Continue reading →

Innovation strikes back

Innovation strikes back People who have read this blog may recall that I spent last summer at the IT Innovation Centre. For those unfamiliar, IT Innovation is a company which is owned by the University Of Southampton and develops ideas generated at ECS with partners from industry. My original intention this summer had been to put my feet up and relax. Continue reading →

Decisions, decisions…

Decisions, decisions ... I'm a big fan of flexibility. Being asked to make a rushed decision is not something that I welcome. My landlord will no doubt be asking in late November as to whether we want to renew our house contract or start showing some over-eager freshers around to take our place. Note to freshers: leave it to after exams in February; the people in the houses will be more friendly and the houses aren't going anywhere. Continue reading →

Exciting Innovation

Over the Christmas period, I was invited to join up with the people I used to work with during the summer at IT Innovation for their post Christmas drinks in Southampton city centre. This gave me the opportunity to catch up with the developments on the projects that I worked on. For those unfamiliar with the work of IT Innovation, the organisation develops ideas from the University in partnership with industry. Continue reading →

2010 – New Year

First blog of 2010 and the first blog of year. Yep, its been hectic and challenging as predicted. I recall telling people that I felt the second year (or part 2 as they say round here) was going to be where we'd be kept busy with everything plus the kitchen sink being thrown at us and it has not disappointed. At this point in time, this is the day after the last of six exams. This is the time where it feels odd not to be revising or procrastinating on revision for some such subject. Continue reading →

Moving house

Feeling slightly elated after receiving my results a couple of days ago. Only 40% is required to pass and the grades from this year have no value in the overall degree. Hence, it would have been easy to adopt the attitude that this will be easy therefore only the effort required to do this should be made. To use the vernacular: that would have been something of an epic fail. (Yes, I had to look up 'vernacular' in the dictionary as well. Continue reading →

Empowering Communication Tools

As you can no doubt imagine, it's been a little hectic since the end of the Easter break. The steady flow of coursework deadlines, in-class tests and lab marking sessions has kept everybody on their toes. Whilst we were in the Stress-Agony-Panic-Relief cycle of multiple coursework deadlines, we are now in the Stress-Agony-Panic-Relief cycle of exams. This is worse than being a footie fan. Continue reading →

Getting Ready for the Exam Period

I'm writing this in the middle of the Easter break. The draft timetable has come out and suddenly it's evident that the end of the academic year is approaching quick. In fact, I needed to remind myself it was April. The exam period begins at the end of May. As with all exam periods, this could be a little stressful, so I intend on getting the work in over Easter and hopefully not finish the term in a mad rush. Campus is relatively quiet as you would expect. Continue reading →