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Laid Back in the Halls

The spring term has just come to its conclusion with the time to pause and catch breath. The past week has seen some phenomenally nice weather; although this does seem to be the norm when coursework deadlines start to arrive. Fortunately, it promises to hang around for the next couple of days and thus will provide an appropriate setting to relax in. Continue reading →

The Presentation Was a Relief To Complete

It has been an interesting couple of weeks which have just followed the Christmas break. The lectures have generally been in a relaxed style, but there has been a noticeable tension with the approach of exams. Thrown into the mix have been the remaining Maths module tests, which form the Engineering Mathematics for Computer Science coursework, and a presentation to make on the viability of Open Source software. Continue reading →

Time Flies

Next week will be the last week of term before the Christmas Break. It's amazing how fast the time has flown by and also how much seems to have been packed into such a short space of time. I'm looking forward to digging deeper into a few of the forthcoming subjects. Last Friday, I attended a lecture on Computer Systems and Applications where a brief overview of AI was presented. Continue reading →

Infinity and Beyond

Getting to grips with this university lark, I think. Having being told by various former work colleagues that, despite the best attempts of universities to convince otherwise, studying at undergraduate life involves attending a few lectures and not much else, I would like to know to which establishments of higher education they were referring. It bears no reflection to how much work that I've been putting in. Continue reading →

New Mature Student – Part II

Part 2 As expected, the work has already started to flow in. The mathematics module is self-taught and frequently tested. Most of the subject matter will be familiar, but even so it takes time to complete the exercises provided. As knowledge of programming varies considerably between various students in part I, ECS-speak for the first year, all levels of ability are catered for. Continue reading →

New Mature Student

Part 1 Hot coffee, cool orange juice and a freshly baked baguette at the ready. Maybe its not most people's idea of a Sunday breakfast for a student, but it is not expensive and it gives time for a moment of reflection as the clouds have began to settle after a seemly hectic two weeks since the beginning of term. Continue reading →