Looking at Images

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Edited by Jane Birkin, Rima Chahrour and Sunil Manghani

What does it really mean to be engaged in visual methods and image research? While there has been an explosion of interest in visual culture, image studies, creative methods and imaging techniques, support and skills development remains relatively limited. Where training does refer to visual methodologies they are often deemed heuristic or supplementary, and institutional guidelines tend only to prompt caution. What has been missing is a more creative and challenging ‘picture’ of the image in and as research.

This online publication showcases a wide range of topics and approaches. They include case studies of individual research projects; overviews of practical methods and technologies; and representation from different perspectives of practice and non-practice-based research, and from within and beyond the arts and humanities.

There is a certain irony in presenting a ‘researcher’s guide’. However, there is no intension to offer here a definitive guide for the researcher. Instead, it is hoped this open publication acts as a prompt to continue to ‘imagine’ what image research might look like. As a living archive, this publication welcomes new article submissions at any time.


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