Seminar III

Seminar III: Situations of Research (Autumn 2014)

Seminar III considers how we might ‘situate’ research, whether in the context of a conference presentation, in print and/or through exhibition and design. Building on preceding seminars, a range of practices are revisited, including reading, writing, critical thinking, fieldwork and art practice, each of which¬†need to cohere in order to produce high-quality, original research. The seminars will also be an opportunity to develop a new collaborative project under the working title of¬†Situations of Writing.

NB. All sessions take place in the PGR study room unless otherwise stated

Wednesday 8 October  (1-3pm)
Session 1: Welcome (Back)! 

Wednesday 15 October (11am-1pm)
Session 2: Presentation Skills
Jonathan Faiers and Sunil Manghani will discuss presentation skills and techniques in preparing texts and slides for presentations and lectures. The second hour of this session will be a Q&A format, to provide an opportunity for questions about your own current and future plans for presentations.
+ from 1pm catch-up meeting for all new starters
+ WSA Seminar, 4-6pm: 
Joanne Roberts: How to Get Published (MA Common Room, #3032)

Wednesday 22 October
Session 3: Situations of Writing I (Frames & Framing)
This session is the first in a series of seminars relating to the new proposed collaborative project, Situations of Writing. In this session the focus will be on questions of the image, frame and representation. The seminar is also intended a preparation for Victor Burgin’s visit to the WSA, and specifically the¬†seminar ‘Time/Frame’ which he will be joining us for on Thursday 13 November (details below).
Set Reading
(1) Barthes, R. (1985) ‚ÄėDiderot, Brecht, Eisenstein‚Äô,¬†A Responsibility of Forms. Hill & Wang, pp. 89-97.
(2) Burgin, V. (1986) ‘Diderot, Barthes, Vertigo’,¬†The End of Art Theory. Humanities Press, pp.112-139.
(3) Burgin, V. (2004) ‘Introduction’,¬†The¬†Remembered Film.¬†Reaktion, pp.7-28.

Wednesday 29 October
Details to Follow
+ WSA Seminar: Andrew Carnie: Slices and Snapshots, MA Common Room (Room #3032), 4-6pm.


Tuesday 4 November  РBritish Library, London (3.30 Р5pm)
Afternoon Tea at the British Library¬†to celebrate the launch of Looking at Images, A Researcher’s Guide
** Event Free, but booking essential via Eventbrite **

Wednesday 5 November Р Walton Suite, Guildhall, Winchester (8.30am Р5pm)
Doctoral Colloquium, as part of the 4th Interreg conference, hosted by University of Southampton
See: Schedule | Application Form Return form  by 17 October to Shahnaz Ibrahim at si1g10[at]
** Event Free, but booking via application form essential ** 

Thursday & Friday 6/7 November   Walton Suite, Guildhall, Winchester
4th Interreg Conference
: Global Culture And Creativity: From Design To Innovation And Enterprise?
Further Details: Click Here
** Event Free for all PGRs, but booking essential ** 


Tuesday 11 November (4pm) РWestside Lecture Theatre
Victor Burgin on ‘Specificity in Practice’
Global Futures Guest Speaker series continues with artist and writer Victor Burgin who will be giving his talk entitled ¬†‚ÄėSpecificity in Practice‚Äô

Thursday 13 November (12 – 5pm)
Session 4: Time/Frame
As part of Victor Burgin’s visit to WSA during this week, he will be joining us for a special seminar under the title of ‘Time/Frame’. The¬†seminar will include presentations from Iaw Dawson and Jane Birkin, along with a discussion based around readings from Roland Barthes’ late lecture courses. Further Details to Follow.
Set Reading
Barthes, R. (2013) ‘Rectangle’,¬†How to Live Together.¬†Columbia University Press, pp. 114-116.
Barthes, R. (2005) ‘Retreat’, The Neutral.¬†Columbia University Press, pp. 137-151.
Burgin, V. (2004) ‘Barthes Discretion’, ¬†The Remembered Film.¬†Reaktion, pp.29-43.
In addition (as discussed for Session 3):
(1) Barthes, R. (1985) ‚ÄėDiderot, Brecht, Eisenstein‚Äô,¬†A Responsibility of Forms. Hill & Wang, pp. 89-97.
(2) Burgin, V. (1986) ‘Diderot, Barthes, Vertigo’,¬†The End of Art Theory. Humanities Press, pp.112-139.
(3) Burgin, V. (2004) ‘Introduction’,¬†The¬†Remembered Film.¬†Reaktion, pp.7-28.



Monday 17 November (1-3pm)
Reading Group: 
Phenomenology of Making Рled by the Hampshire Imagination Reading Group


Wednesday 26 November (1-3pm)
Session 5: A Sense of Address
Walter Van Rijn will lead this seminar, which picks up on some earlier reading, but works through his own current PhD research. (NB. participants are asked to send a few lines of text of there own to contribute to the session. Details will be sent via email).
Set Reading
(1) Campanelli, Vito. Web Aesthetics: How Digital Media Affect Culture and Society.  Rotterdam: Institute of Network Cultures & NAi Publishers, 2010. Chapter: Remix it yourself  pp 203-211

+ WSA Seminar, 4-6pm: Jennifer Pybus: Big Social Data (MA Common Room, #3032)

Wednesday 3 December
Session 6: Blindfolded Voices
Sarvenaz Sohrabi will present on her PhD research, which will include a performance work.
Set Reading
(1) Marcela A. Fuentes, ‘Performance, politics, and protest
(2) Contemporary art in Iran: A history in 8 artists
(3) Gareth Harris, ‘Post-revolutionary Iranian art at the SOAS


Wednesday 10 December
WSA Seminar: Yasmin Sekhon: Fashion Choice and Identity Amongst Second Generation Immigrants, MA Common Room (Room #3032), 4-6pm.