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Looking at Images: A Researcher’s Guide


Looking at Images: A Researcher’s Guide is devised as a collaborative, open-access e-book. As a ‘guide’ on image research, it draws upon the ideas, experiences and insights of image researchers themselves. We invite creative practitioners, academics, artists, editors, publishers and curators to contribute to theGuide, which is made freely available to help meet a need for research skills enrichment in creative and critical areas of image research and analysis. We welcome short, illustrated entries for the book on a wide range of conceptual and practical topics of image research. This may include, but is not restricted to:

  • case studies of individual research projects;
  • overviews of practical methods and technologies related to image research;
  • critical consideration of what we mean by the ‘image’; and
  • close consideration of undertaking doctoral research within a related area of the image and visual culture.
  • perspectives from both practice and non-practice-based research both within and beyond the arts and humanities.

Entries should be no more than 3,000 words. We encourage the inclusion of visual materials. Contributors are responsible for securing copyright permissions for images. See below for specific guidelines on layout and design.

Please send expressions of interest and/or initial proposals to


Please send your contribution as a word document, using this template:


(We are using 11pt Arial for body text and 10pt for indented quotations of more than four lines.Your images should be laid out in the text and captions should be 9pt. References should take the form of numbered endnotes, also in 11pt text. Please use one line space between paragraphs – do not indent)

You should name your file by inserting your surname in place of the word ‘TEMPLATE’