Phenomenology & Imagination Research

The Phenomenology and Imagination Research Group (PIRG) was established by┬ásix artists from diverse cultural backgrounds, mostly doctorate holders, and all alumni of the Winchester School of Art. University of Southampton.┬áSince November 2014, PIRG has invited WSA PhD candidates to participate in the groupÔÇÖs monthly sessions. Meetings are held monthly in the WSA PhD Study┬áRoom.

Areas of research include: the post human; maternal subjectivity and reconciliation; post/colonialism, migration/exile and the relationship between aesthetics and politics; the perception of boundaries; displacement, diaspora and post-colonialism; and collaborative art.

For the past year the group has been reading and discussing texts concerned with phenomenology, aesthetics and visual practice, with a focus on Gaston BachelardÔÇÖs writings and his research on the imagination. The┬áinitial aim was to expand the group’s knowledge and understanding of imagination and phenomenology by creating a dialogue between BachelardÔÇÖs writings and the art┬ápractices and research of the group members. This has since been extended to include other philosophers, experiential anthropologists and educationalists.

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