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Looking at Images: A Researcher’s Guide 

Edited by Jane Birkin, Rima Chahrour and Sunil Manghani


Artemis Alexiou  Eco-systems, Interdisciplinarity, Triangulation: A New Methodological Scheme For Image Research and Beyond

Louise Atkinson  The Genealogy of the Image

Najla Binhalail  Personal Identity and Profile Image in Social Media

Georgina Binnie  Work in Progress: James Joyce and Photographic Images

Jane Birkin  Patrons-watch-an-activist-004.jpg

Gary Bratchford  Political Visibility of the Palestinian

Mihaela Brebenel  Nous Sommes Toujours Avec / We Are Always With (2014): Provisional Title for a Study Film

Rima Chahrour  Various Islamic Greetings

Christina Duffy  Visualising our Cultural Heritage: Why Science Shouldn’t Get Lost in Digitisation

James Elkins  Some Thoughts on the Dissemination of the Practice-Led PhD Around the World

Verina Gfader  Assembly: Corrective Unrest and Image Instruments

Sunil Manghani  An Ecology of Images

Mathilde Poupée  Exhibition Paris-Moscow, 1900-1930

Phaedra Shanbaum  Camille Utterback and Untitled 5

Jon Simons  The Task of the Curator: Research of Social Activism Online and on the Ground

Elio Ugenti  Personal Photographs: Exhibition Value, Memory Preservation and Self-Representation Potentiality

David Ward  The Camera Lucida Variations

Georgina Williams  Painting, Print, Poster: Gauging the Values of the Image as an Object

Andrew Woolock  Project e-ma: Socially-Engaged Visual Arts Interventions for Belfast

Joanna Zylinska  Curating / Open / Images