Seminar VII

Seminar VII: In the Event (Autumn 2016)

Seminar VII can be understood as a ‘distributed’ seminar. It doesn’t take place at a regular slot, in a regular venue. Nor is it comprised of seminars in the proper sense. Instead, ‘the seminar’ takes places over the duration of the semester, engaging in different events, conversations and spaces. Key highlights include programming associated with British Art Show 8, which will be showing at both Southampton City Art Gallery and John Hansard Gallery, a richly programmed two-day conference on minimalism, and the official launch of WSA’s Archaeologies of Media and Technology Research group.

Monday 3 October (10am-4pm)
Induction * For all new starters
Venue: Hartley Suite, Building 38, Highfield Campus

Tuesday 4 October (12-3pm)
Induction at WSA + Plus ‘Welcome Back’ for ALL PhDs

Saturday 8 October
Opening of British Art Show 8
Details TBA

Monday 10 October 
Screening: Louis Henderson Event
Lecture Theatre B (LTB, East Building), 5-6pm
A screening of work by Louis Henderson, followed by a discussion on post-cinema and materiality. The event is convened by Prof. Jussi Parikka, as part of the Archaeologies of Media and Technology Research group.
Further details:

Wednesday 12 October
WSA Staff Seminar 
Harvard Suite (Room Number 3032) 4-5.30pm
Ryan Bishop will present a seminar entitled : ‘Art, Labs and the Cold War (Today)’

Thursday 13 October
The Eames Office and the Avant-Garde

2-4pm, Seminar Room 7
Joint seminar with MA Fine Art and PhD programme, run by Prof. Ryan Bishop

Friday 14 – Saturday 15 October
Minimalism: Location, Aspect, Movement – Conference
Organised by Paul Hegarty, Sarah Hayden & Ryan Bishop, in conjunction with the John Hansard Gallery. The conference is a collaboration between UoS English department and WSA, and includes an exhibition of staff, alumni and PGR work. See more…
NB. This even is FREE but booking essential. See: Online Booking

Thursday 20 October
An Expanded Field, or ‘Can I really make anything I want?’
2-4pm, Seminar Room 7
Joint seminar with MA Fine Art and PhD programme.
Key Reading: Krauss’ ‘Sculpture in the Expanded Field’, and Fares’ ‘Painting in the Expanded Field’. While Fried described the 1960s as the ‘last great moment in Modernist art,’ the 1970s is characterised by new ‘expanded’ practices, concerned with hybridity, pluralism and radical politics.

Wednesday 26 October
Archaeologies of Media and Technology Research group – Launch Event
Details TBA

Saturday 29 October
Workshop 1: Drawing Desires
Venue: John Hansard Gallery
When we draw from life what is it we seek to keep inside the line and what falls out? What does the act of drawing tell us about how we see the world? Using traditional drawing methods and computer-aided design, this workshop explores both the lines we desire and those that get drawn around us. (Part of programming for British Art Show 8)

Sunday 30 October
Workshop 2: Drawing Together
Venue: Southampton City Art Gallery

Working with the shadows of artworks shown in British Art Show 8, this creative seminar will explore ideas of vision and visuality in the gallery. Participants will ‘draw together’, both as a shared act of drawing, and as an enquiry into how our bodies and the things around us are drawn together. (Part of the programming for British Art Show 8)

Friday 4 – Saturday 5 November
Embodied Methodologies 
The fourth annual Practice-based Research Conference, hosted by Royal Holloway, University of London, Bedford Square, London. Further details…

Monday 14 – Friday 18 November 
PhD Studio Workshop at WSA
Week-long PhD studio workshop, led by Ian Dawson and Sunil Manghani. Situated in a large shared space (just off of the main sculpture studio), participants are encouraged to work intensively to explore their own areas of practice, but within the context of a collective environ.

Monday 12 December
India’s Biennale Effect! Kochi-Murizis Biennale – Opening of 3rd Edition + Book Launch
Fort Kochi, Kerala, India
A number of students have expressed an interested to attend the event this year and some have indeed book their stay. If you are due to be in Kochi for the opening, you will all be very welcome to the launch of the new book, India’s Biennale Effect, edited by Dr Robert E. D’Souza (Head of School, WSA) and Dr Sunil Manghani.

Friday 13 January
New Theatricality (Art Historical Lead Lecture event)
Venue: John Hansard Gallery
British Art Show 8 is defined by its curators in terms of ‘new materialism’, suggestive of different kinds of material realities beyond human perception. But what if this is just to prompt a new kind of engagement? This lecture looks back to debates of the 1960s to help frame the works on show as a new form of ‘theatricality’ or participation.

Saturday 14 January
Plasticity  (Art Historical Lead Lecture event)
Venue: Southampton City Art Gallery
With reference to early photographic techniques for 3D modelling, the growing use of plastics from the 1950s, and today’s high expectations for 3D printing, this lecture explores the concept of ‘plasticity’ in relation to British Art Show 8 as well as new sculptural works refashioning plastic pop iconography.