Seminar V


Seminar V: Re:Making (Autumn 2015)
Seminar V¬†is devised differently to the preceding seminar series. Although generally running in sync with the fortnightly WSA Staff Seminar series, the key sessions are scheduled as a two day events. These events are brought together under the theme of ‘Re:Making’ – a consideration of what it means to make and re-make ideas, objects and processes (for further details see¬†Re:Making). In addition to these events, the series includes a guest speaker visit (in October) and a symposium on Media Theory (in November).

Wednesday 7 October (1-3pm)
Welcome (Back)! 

Monday 12 and Tuesday 13 October, 4pm (Venue details to follow)
In a run-up to the exhibition ‚ÄúBarthes/Burgin‚ÄĚ to be held at the John Hansard Gallery early in 2016, Professor Victor Burgin will visit WSA on 12th and 13th October, providing talks each day. Professor Burgin will be discussing the intersection of his theory and practice in conversation with Professor Ryan Bishop. One of these, entitled ‚ÄúStill Moving,‚ÄĚ will also include a projection of Burgin‚Äôs digital projection works A Place to Read and Parzival. The other will be an illustrated lecture around a new piece commissioned for the Mies van der Rhoe Illinois Institute of Technology building in Chicago.¬†Professor Burgin is a renowned theorist of the still and moving image, as well as a highly influential artist whose works have been exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art, New York and the Tate Modern in London.

Wednesday 14 October: WSA Seminar, 4-6pm: Danny Aldred: Paper, Ink, Pixel and Screen (Harvard Suite, RM #3032)

Saturday 17 October (11am Р1pm)
Drawing Together
Venue: Discovery Centre, Winchester

Through the medium of chalk and shadows Drawing Together brings people together in a shared act of drawing. Visitors to the Discovery Centre are invited to draw together as a means to draw ourselves together if only fleetingly, just as our shadows are mere fleeting images of ourselves. This act of drawing upon the ground of the city in which we live and work is intended to mark a temporary reflection of ourselves as individuals and as a community. (Organised by Cheng-Chu Weng and Sunil Manghani).¬†Further Details…

Wednesday 28 & Thursday 29 October – 2 Day Seminar
Re:Making an Exhibition
A two-day seminar event in which we will work¬†together to curate an exhibition for the Winchester School of Art Gallery, which will be available to the public throughout November. The exhibition will bring together artists’ book from an exhibition that was originally held in Delhi and at the¬†Colombo Art Biennale¬†in 2014. Working in collaboration with¬†Blueprint 12, these¬†shows were curated by Amit Jain, who will be joining us for this seminar. The original shows of¬†‚ÄėReading Room‚Äô featured¬†works by fifteen artists from across the world. Many of these works are being shipped over for our own iteration of the show, to which we will be selecting key works from own¬†Artists’ Books Collection, held at WSA.¬† The seminar will be co-convened by August Davis, Linda Newington, Sunil Manghani and Amit Jain. The PV for the exhibition will be held on Friday 30 October.

Day 1: Wednesday 28 October, 10am Р3pm, WSA Gallery+ WSA Seminar, 4-6pm: Seth Giddings: Pythiatechnics: The Ethology of Playful Media Design (Harvard Suite, RM #3032)
Thursday 29 October, 10am Р5pm, WSA Gallery 

Friday 30 October 
Curator’s Talk & PV: Reading Room

Tuesday 10 & Wednesday 11 November  Р2 Day Seminar
Re:Making – Plastic Surgery
Day 1: Tuesday 10 November, 11-5pm, PGR Room
Day 2: Wednesday 11 November, 10-4pm, PGR Room
+ WSA Seminar, 4-6pm: Ian Dawson: Taplow House (Harvard Suite, RM #3032)

NB. Two events are running on 24 November:
Tuesday 24 November
Analogue Audiences/Digital Interfaces Symposium
Convened by Shwetal Patel
Venue/Times TBC (London-based event)
The symposium attempts to explore notions of the interface between publics and art works in an increasingly digitised world. Speakers include; Chris Dercon, Frances Morris, Marie Bak Mortensen, Rory Blain, Robert Montgomery, Ryan Bishop, Ed Souza and Sunil Manghani.

Tuesday 24 November
Media Theory in Transit –¬†One-day symposium at the Winchester School of Art, November 24, 2015
Convened by Jussi Parikka and Yigit Soncul
Media theory is in transit: its concepts travel across space and time, claiming new meanings for new uses along the way. It is not a static body of knowledge, but a dynamic, situated process of articulating knowledge and perceiving reality. Media theory crosses both geographical and disciplinary boundaries. It trespasses the border between Humanities and Sciences, and is able to carve out new sites of knowledge. It moves across conceptual lineages from human to non-human and supposedly distinct senses such as sight, hearing and smell. Media theory is not merely a reflection on the world but an active involvement that participates in creating the objects of interest.

This event investigates such conceptual, geographical and sensorial passages of media theory. The talks address contemporary media theory and issues that are now identified as urgent for academic and artistic practices. The speakers represent different fields of arts and humanities as well as media theory, and engage with the question: how does theory move, and itself occupy new areas of interest, across academic fields and across geographies in which theory itself is set to be in movement.

The event is supported by the Santander-fund, via University of Southampton.

Speakers include:
Professor Erick Felinto (State University of Rio de Janeiro, UERJ): title tbc.
Professor Joanna Zylinska (Goldsmiths, University of London): ‚ÄúThe liberation of the I/eye: nonhuman vision‚ÄĚ
Dr Shintaro Miyazaki (Critical Media Lab, Basel): ‚ÄúModels As Agents ‚Äď Designing Epistemic Diffraction By Spinning-Off Media Theory‚ÄĚ

More information, the schedule and information on how to register:

Wednesday 25 November (1-3pm)
Seminar with Professors Erick Felinto and Jussi Parikka
+ WSA Seminar, 4-6pm: Sharon Wu: Luxury in the Digital Age  (Harvard Suite, RM #3032)

Wednesday 9 & Thursday 10 December  Р2 Day Seminar
Re:Making a Room 

Day 1: Wednesday 9 December, 10am-4pm, PGR Room
+ WSA Seminar, 4-6pm: August Davis: Reading the Strange Case of Woman-as-Appliance: On Transfigurations, Cyborgs, Domestic Labour, and the Megamachine (Harvard Suite, RM #3032)
Day 2: Thursday 10 December, 10am-4pm, PGR Room