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Goodbye #UOSM2033#

Experienced discussion and study of five Topics, #UOSM2033# is going to finish eventually. To be honest, I am very happy because i don’t need to write blog every week anymore. But there is no doubt that I found I really leant a lot from one semester learning when I finished the self test.   1. In the beginning of this course, I thought I am a guy who know computer and the internet quite a lot. Continue reading →

Advantages and disadvantages of open access

Traditional publishing model of printing books is complex which needs to consider colors, figures, etc. Not only the cost of publishing is expensive, but needs to spent more vigor. With our life starts to enter the digital era, printing books are replaced by internet books gradually. The advantages of publishing model of internet books include publishing conveniently, the cost of publishing cheap and is easy to publish a mass of data information. Continue reading →

Reflection of topic 4

After topic 4 blog finished, I received many comments of my blog which made me learnt a lot and I also changed a little bit thinking. Although it is wrong that parents spy on their children because they have no right and it may results children rebel, appropriate monitor is necessary. Because parents have responsibility to protect children and keep them in a healthy situation. As children, they don’t have mature thinking. Continue reading →

An Ethical Issue: Should Parents Spy On Their Kids?

With the social network spring up among young people, children prefer to share what they do or think on the social media instead of telling parents which also triggers a series of ethical issues. One of them is parents spy on their children’s online speech for controlling every move of their children. But it is correct? Should online behaviors of children need be spied? An important reason why some people think children should be spied is for protecting their children. Continue reading →

Reflection of Topic 3: develop professional profile

Actually, for me, I make a big progress as I finished my topic 3 blog because I got 3 comments for my blog. I always think I cannot write good articles because I am not native. It can makes my articles do not have logicality and wrong grammar and the parts of speech. However, though my peers’ comments pointed many shortages, they confirmed my article which makes me so surprised. In my blog, what I explained is the internet era is coming. Continue reading →

Do we need develop professional profile?

In the past, people needed to attentive and diligent to write a good CV, set type on the computer, print it out, give the CV to many companies, wait for reply of companies and interview for getting a good job which is so complicated. But now, internet era is coming. As Jobvite said “demand for skilled labor is high but supply is low. 69% of recruiters expect hiring to become more competitive in the next 12 months.” Compared with the real life, the internet has became a bigger talent market. Continue reading →

Reflection of Topic 2

When I writing my topic 2 blog I thought my viewpoints are good. But when I watching my peer’s blogs, there are some viewpoints that I never think of them and I really learnt a lot. In my blog, I only discussed the online security and many people prefer to share their life and opinion without people knowing. Actually, these two ideas just a small part of advantages and disadvantages of many online identities. Continue reading →

Many identities online: good or bad?

In the age of technological innovation, the internet more and more close to people’s life. People share their life and opinion through the internet and enjoy this mode. People can connect with others via the internet whatever they are in which conner in this world. With increasingly websites, people need to register many identities if they want to use these websites like fecebook, google and titter. So a network user may well have many identities at the same time on the internet. Continue reading →

topic 1

Question: Explain the concept of digital “visitors” and “residents” drawing upon your reading and your own online experiences to date in support of the points that you make. With the developing technologies, internet could makes things get easier and more convenient. Thus there appear two kinds of people from the internet – visitors and residents. Residents Residents usually make the internet as a part of life. Continue reading →