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Time to say goodbye to #UOSM2033.. To start this review post I wanted to Google myself to see what it would come up with, so I got my friend to do it and send me the pictures: I started my self test at the beginning of the module and it feels good completing it and seeing how far my online skills and profile have actually come. Each topic I have completed on this blog has helped to develop my online presence, especially in a professional sense. Continue reading →

The open access movement

“Open Access is the free, immediate, online availability of research articles, coupled with the rights to use these articles fully in the digital environment.” For one of my modules this semester, I was asked to assess the causal relationship of an environmental factor and health outcome. Sir Austin Bradford Hill states that medical plausibility is dependent on “the biological knowledge of the day”. But if we cannot access this knowledge, how can we decide? http://www.theguardian. Continue reading →

A review of the ethical problem of privacy   Since writing my own post last week about the ethical issues of privacy in employment, I have been constantly reviewing my social media, and every time I go to tweet or post something – I think to myself “could this be scrutinised by future employers?” Learning how the majority of employers use social media to review candidates before hiring certainly has made me wary about how I act online. Continue reading →

Creating an authentic online Profile: are you interesting?

Even before my previous blog post about multiple online identities I knew that I should keep my personal and professional life separate. During my summer internship a colleague of mine suggested I set up a LinkedIn account to expand my professional network. However, setting it up was not as easy as I thought.  As you can see my profile is pretty boring and I do not think anyone would give it a second glance. Continue reading →

So how do we use the internet? A review of Digital Residents and Visitors.

Before looking into Digital Residents and Visitors I have never considered how people actually use the internet. Drawing from my own findings and the thoughts others had on my post, I realise that there are no simple categories that we can place people in when they use the internet. Furthermore, I did not consider the socio-economic factors that impact an individual’s use, and in some ways can limit to them to becoming a Digital Resident so remain a Digital Visitor. Continue reading →