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Online Identities: Who Should We Be?

London based social media agency named We Are Social calculated that in January 2015, there were 2.08 billion active online social media accounts, which is 29% of the worlds population. One of the key worries for all these internet users it¬†that of security.¬†Everything you share which creates your online persona e.g. your name, date of birth, the type of music you like, is mostly controlled by you. However it’s unlikely you get to control who monitors your information. Continue reading →

Summary of Topic 1

Completing my first blog on the the topic ‚Äėdigital relatives and digital visitors‚Äô seemed to come easily for me. However, looking back at it and comparing it with others view on the subject I now feel my answer is more opioniated rather than academically proved. Yes, the point of blogs is to involve a personal point of view however reading over my blog again I do feel I possibly rant about social media a bit more than is necessary. Continue reading →

Digital ‚ÄúVisitors‚ÄĚ and Digital ‚ÄúResidents‚ÄĚ

There are apparently two types of people who use the internet. There are so called digital “visitors” and digital “residents”, both names are quite self-explanatory but just in case you are unaware of what they mean here is an overall description and view of the people who go online today. As a 19-year-old I fit perfectly in the demographic which is the digital “resident” or “native”. Continue reading →