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Topic 5 Reflection

This week saw us looking at Open Access and the general idea of making content free over the internet. My post was centred around the debate of having scientific journals and publications being made free to view online. I read on Chris‘s about making games and movies free, which wasn’t what I thought it was. Chris argued how the use of piracy was seen as a form of competition by firms, in which websites like Spotify and Netflix came to be. Continue reading →

Sharing Your Content Online for Free: Why or Why Not?

By posting your content online, you enable yourself to have more people reference/cite your work and more people can see it as opposed to publishing it in a journal where payment is required in order to gain access to said publication. Another positive about using Open Access is that government grants and funding have gone into it so that your work is supported by the government. Continue reading →

Topic 4 Reflection

This week’s topic revolved around ethics in social media and internet use itself. For a lot of students in this module, one of the things that came to mind was Justine Sacco’s tweet that gave her worldwide notoriety. This tweet gained traction across the internet for it being ludicrously racist. As a result, the whole internet criticized her for posting something so racist and called for her employer to fire her. Continue reading →

Using and Posting on the Internet with Caution

As mentioned in previous posts, the amount of impact the internet has on our lives is enormous. Every little thing you do, be it a post or a something you search for, plays an important role in how you use the internet. This is because your employer can spy on you in many different ways. Your employer is capable of checking your searches within the company computer you are using and can perform monitor searches. Continue reading →

Topic 3 Reflection

This topic was all about developing a professional online profile, which includes websites like LinkedIn. LinkedIn has become a very important website for people who want to connect with companies and potentially get work from companies on LinkedIn. However, from reading other blog posts, LinkedIn isn’t the only website to look at if you’re trying to promote yourself online. Continue reading →

Reflecting Upon Topic 2

This is a topic that a lot of people from younger generations are quite familiar with, as the internet grows more and more popular as time goes by. After working and getting familiar with this topic, I have learned a lot more about why people have more than one identity and why having more than one identity can be harmful to others. To be specific, I learned more about catfishing by reading about it online and on Lphenix‘s and on Hollie‘s blogs. Continue reading →

How ethical is the act of creating an online alter ego?

In 2015, the internet has become an important factor in almost everyone’s daily life. Keeping in touch with Facebook, sharing pictures on Instagram, or making important career connections on LinkedIn. Even though the internet has the ability to shape what we do on a daily basis, people can use the internet for having multiple personas. This may not sound that bad, but internet aliases can be present in things like online dating and these aliases can do some harm. Continue reading →