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Reflecting upon the open access debate

I felt like most of the other posts this week focused more on the open access debate than other types of content producers. It was interesting reading Tomā€™s blog and his take on open source software. As a computer scientist it was very useful learning about what constitutes open source and learning about the impact that it can have on bug fixes and communities adding to your software. Continue reading →

Reflection: Ethical Issues Online

This week I decided to try and cover a much more controversial topic. I tried to cover the question from a much closer look at one particular issue as opposed to trying to touch on as many issues about the question as I could. Most people seemed to write about the ethics of companies spying on their customers and collecting their data. This seems to be addressing the same problem that I addressed but from a different angle; the great amount of spying that can happen online. Continue reading →

Should parents spy on their kids?

There is a large compromise that needs to be made between parents and their kids as living in the modern world has its problems. There are so many scare stories of the horrors of the internet with children meeting with strangers and the posting of information online that it can be a struggle for parents to keep on top of what their child is up to. Many people feel that the best way to solveĀ these problems is through using spying software to check on what exactly their child is up to. Continue reading →

Reflecting upon how to build a professional online profile

This weeks topic created some divide between ways to approach the question we were given. Some people created how to guides and step-by-step instructions on what you can do to create a better online profile whereas others focused more on the impacts of having a good professional profile. Russell wrote a very interesting blog post where he clearly outlined the steps he felt were necessary to create a professional online profile. Continue reading →

Developing an online profile

Social Media LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world with over 400 million users and this is still rapidly increasingĀ with 2 new people joining every second. Keeping your LinkedIn profile up to date is very important as you never know who could next look at your profile. It is also important to keep all information on your profile summarised so that people can quickly and easily find out the most important information about you. Continue reading →

Reflection on having multiple online identities

This fortnight my blog post focused on the positive and negative aspects of having multiple online identities which raises lots of ethical issues about privacy and the use of fake accounts. I found that Russell Kingsfield’s blog raised some very good points to do with the privacy aspect of this topic. He shows the problems that would come with having no anonymity online and how it would affect how whistleblowers are able to release information. Continue reading →

Reflection upon ā€˜visitors and residentsā€™

Having reflected upon the other blog posts and talking with people about the topic I feel that what I concluded in my original blog post was incorrect. I feel that my analogy to do with troubleshooting may have not been the best because I feel I misunderstood the ‘visitors and residents’ theory. I thought that it was to do with trying to class different computer users into two categories but what it is actually to do with trying to class people on what ways they use the internet. Continue reading →