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Snow, ethics and the ability to blag

Snow, ethics and the ability to blag It has been an interesting week which was initially dominated by the snowfall and the disruption that it caused. There was never any question of putting my feet up and using the abject weather conditions as an excuse - a simple case of far too work to do. As I'd be holding back on a day off from work, I had no problem with getting involved in the snowman construction - Man with shovel, will travel - on the Thursday. Continue reading →

Light, Warm, Comfort

Light, Warm, Comfort Sometimes, it seems odd to outsiders the strange dependency that we[1] have on our little slabs of silicon and metal. Sometimes it seems odd to us[1]. I recently went away, visiting family in a more isolated[2] part in this country, and when I returned, my peers greeted the concept with stunned amazement, on how I could survive in 'the wild', cut off from civilization[2]. Continue reading →

New Mature Student – Part II

Part 2 As expected, the work has already started to flow in. The mathematics module is self-taught and frequently tested. Most of the subject matter will be familiar, but even so it takes time to complete the exercises provided. As knowledge of programming varies considerably between various students in part I, ECS-speak for the first year, all levels of ability are catered for. Continue reading →