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Checking the Weather Has Become My Daily Routine

It’s been a long time since I last updated my blog post here. After staying in UK for about half a year, I have to say I started to miss the radiant sunlight back in Malaysia. Being born in a tropical country and having been living there for almost 20 years, I used to wonder incredulously why tourists visiting my home country love the sunlight so much. It makes no sense to me till recently I realized that I was beginning to miss the weather back in Malaysia. Continue reading →

Weather Improvement!

Hi everyone! Finally the weather has improved. The bright sunshine has spread all over, with some colourful flowers and lush green grass making it more beautiful. Had a very nice time back home during easter, also had a taste of flight delays due to volcanic eruption but it was fun, getting 10 more days to spend with friends and family. It has been three weeks since I came back. It was a very sweet welcome by the busy schedule of labs and courseworks that I missed due to the delay. Continue reading →

Writer’s Block?

I’ve finally decided that “writer’s block” is a pretty lame excuse and I must entertain you with my first blog entry. ;) England is treating me surprisingly well. Everyone spends at least 5 minutes a day loathing local weather but I think it’s not that bad. I am not a great fan of monsoon season we are experiencing for the past two weeks, but at least it’s warmer than back home. Continue reading →

Jumpstart and English Weather

Chapter 1: Introduction Yes, my hair is full of colour. Four, more exactly, plus some other different shades. And yes, it took a long time to have it done. A very long time. And no, to be frank, I can't remember what my natural colour looks like. So... Hi! My name is Raluca Alina Laic or as everybody calls me, Pinky. Yes, my nickname comes from the fact that I always have a shade of pink on me. Either bright, either pale, I must wear something pink. No, that doesn’t mean I’m crazy. Continue reading →