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First Year is Almost Over

So this is it, two more exams and first year is over. I can hardly believe that it was 8 months ago that I left what I knew and came to Southampton to start my degree. If you had told me what I would have been up to before I started I would have thought you were crazy ... getting BUCS points for canoe polo, winning our league and cup for rugby, caving for half of my Easter, doing my kayaking 3* and still having time to eat, sleep, socialise and do some work. Continue reading →

The White Heat of the Third-Year Project

There is a definite feeling of la fin du siècle* around at the moment. The white-heat of the 3rd year project has a gone and the associated pressure has long since dissipated. Up until this year, there was always a certainly of some form of academic continuation and a mission to accomplish. Now in the fourth year, my primary objective of a good degree is in the bag. I can leave now and graduate with a first class bachelors degree in Computer Science. Continue reading →

Back Again

A month of summer to go, and I'm back in Southampton. My time away has been eventful (in parts), but there's something irreplaceable about walking down Portswood Road in my trampling-the-unworthy boots and just thinking, "I'm back". Said beloved boots have been a little neglected while I've been away. Continue reading →

ECS On a Musical Tour

When I left it last time, we still weren’t completely sure if our tour was going to be able to go ahead…but fortunately all the paperwork was completed in time, and so off we set the following morning. Things didn’t start off too well, with horrendous traffic causing us to miss our ferry from Dover to Calais, but a couple of hours later we finally made it to France. Continue reading →

UMAP 2009 Day 1

I'm in Trento, Italy for the second conference of my academic career: UMAP (User Modelling And Personalisation) 2009. The first was back in November at DIGITEL 2008, in Banff, Canada, but someone convinced me not to take my laptop and typing a blog entry on my phone was too much hard work!! Conferences are an important part of the research world, as they are where academics present their work to their peers and receive feedback. Continue reading →