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Group Projects

Group Projects This year there has been a definite shift from being set countless individual problem sheets to having fewer, larger group projects. No small part of this is our Software Engineering project where we have been challenged to design, code and implement a program to run on a Windows Mobile powered PDA. We are free to design what we wish, with the only constraints being that it must use databases and the inbuilt GPS in some way. Continue reading →

Term has well and truly ended…

Our term has well and truly ended, exam results have been published and everyone’s getting ready to go on holiday, starts to rain. Good old predictable English weather. But not to worry. I was extremely pleased with my results, receiving a first with room to spare – it’s a shame these marks don’t count towards the final degree! As for holidays, well, tomorrow I’m going on tour with SUJO, playing in jazz festivals across France and Spain for the next 8 days. Continue reading →