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A True Soton-ite

Woah, looking back over my last blog I've really realized how much I've settled in here at Southampton. I really feel like a true soton-ite. My last blog focused very heavily on the course, and about the concerns someone applying to Southampton might have, but this time I'm gonna talk about one of the main things I spend my time on: The Union. Continue reading →

Last semester was, like, totally the worst thing ever

Last semester was, like, totally the worst thing ever. I turned up to maybe less than half of the lectures, was consistency working right up the deadline, leaving revision right til the last second and, I dunno, just generally being what Mr. T would describe as a 'fool'. To ensure this never ever happens again I've made a few life changes. First and foremost (and I know this sounds unlikely) I've decided to do coursework as soon as it's set. Crazy I know. Continue reading →

Very, Very Busy, Coursework Left, Right and Center

I'm still here ... but only just. It's absolutely crazy here at the moment. There's been coursework left, right and center, and also revision for exams. Couple that with joining the Events crew, and a few-too-many nights spent discussing paintball or server patching, and everything else that's going on, and you end up with a very tired student. I've decided to take a few minutes out to write something here, and then it'll be back to work. Continue reading →