A True Soton-ite

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Woah, looking back over my last blog I’ve really realized how much I’ve settled in here at Southampton. I really feel like a true soton-ite. My last blog focused very heavily on the course, and about the concerns someone applying to Southampton might have, but this time I’m gonna talk about one of the main things I spend my time on: The Union.

Yes programming is fun, has I have to study to get good grades, but personally for me a lot of my energy and time is spent on societies, and to be honest many of my closest friends I have at Southampton are people I know through societies.

I should preface this blog with a Disclaimer: I do too many societies. Don’t look at the list I am about to type out before you as an example of a “normal fresher”, I am a work-a-holic, I love being involved in things and I’m beginning to suspect that I have a pathological desire to perform. That may sound odd, but I think you’ll agree by the end of this blog.

Probably the biggest society I’m involved with is Theatre Group(theatre.susu.org). I started involvement with them by auditioning for the Freshers’ Play, this year it was Hart and Kaufmann’s 1920s comedy “You Can’t Take It With You”, and I got a role. Freshers’ Play is a slot done every year by TG (Theatre Group) that only people who haven’t been in one of their productions before can take part. It’s the way we welcome new freshers into our societies with open arms.

TG has just a great atmosphere about it of a whole bunch of people just putting on plays because they love it, I’ve kinda thrown myself into it a bit hard having starred in Freshers’ Play, am currently an Assistant Producer on the Main Show and also Co-Producing the Summer Show. Oh and I managed to swing Webmaster due to a little bit of luck, wait I should really explain this.

Every society in The Union has a committee, consisting of President, Secretary, Treasurer etc. These positions are elected democratically for each society at the society’s Annual General Meeting, usually taking place around the Easter Holiday. So normally Freshers aren’t on committee until around now, but I’ve been Theatre Group Webmaster since about 3 weeks into the first term. This was because they had an EGM(Extraordinary General Meeting) since at the last AGM they didn’t have a webmaster. Turns out proficiency at coding PHP and Theatre aren’t usually common interests in a person, who knew?

As well as doing a tonne of Theatre Group stuff I’ve been pursuing mad dreams of being a Stand-Up comedian with comedy society(comedy.susu.org), of which I am now Vice-President and I’ve got around 7 gigs under my belt, I’ve presented shows for SUSUtv (susu.tv) and I’ve been welcomed with open arms into the LGBT society. I also spent the first few weeks of the year cycling with Road Cycling club, but then it got cold so I stayed inside.

Including all these specific society things; I love the Union as a whole, there’s usually something bonkers going on on the concourse, like a flashmob or free food (I prefer the free food), or inside the Union building, like a debate or for example at the moment there’s a large projector and a ps3 with GoldenEye in it.

There are a lot more societies out there than the small few I listed, far more than I can list here. No matter what bonkers crazy hobby you have, or if you want to try something completely new, you’ll find a society and a group of equally crazy people to share that passion with.

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