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Time to face week number five!

Week number four is dying; week number five is showing its face. If I think about it, I’ve only just started my degree; but I am already well submerged into it. Things get more interesting by the minute, lectures become more complex, coursework and tests become an everyday matter. For some reason, even if at times I can feel a bit desperate, it seems that it’s a good ‘stressed out’ feeling. Continue reading →

Fourth Year…

So here I am at the start of four years in Southampton. And the first week and a half have been more eventful than I could have thought. Living in halls is a great experience, and the best part is being completely self-sufficient. Before coming here I had never done my own washing (Mum’s job), cooked for myself properly (Mum’s job), or had to think about money so much (also Mum’s job). Continue reading →