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“It is great to be back!”

“It is great to be back!” – A set of words I didn’t think I would use soon enough. After all, at the end of a whole year of assignments and exams, the only thing I could think of was going back home and relax. No more work, no more pressure, no more stress. However, a couple of months into my vacation I started to really miss Southampton, my friends, my freedom and even being given work to do. Continue reading →

IT Innovation

It's been a month since I've started working at IT Innovation, where as I mentioned in my last post, I got the job. It's a lovely ride up there each day (weather-permitting). I have been assigned to the WeGov Project as that is the one I expressed most interest in at my interview. In a nutshell, I get paid to use Facebook and Twitter. Of course, this is an overly-simplistic summary. My real work is in delving deep into social networking APIs and topic-opinion analysis. Continue reading →

Exciting Innovation

Over the Christmas period, I was invited to join up with the people I used to work with during the summer at IT Innovation for their post Christmas drinks in Southampton city centre. This gave me the opportunity to catch up with the developments on the projects that I worked on. For those unfamiliar with the work of IT Innovation, the organisation develops ideas from the University in partnership with industry. Continue reading →

Friends in high places!

Meeting Richard Hammond (Top Gear, Braniac, etc), scoring one-hundred percent in two courseworks and landing a job as an assistant programmer for the back-office in retail outlets; guess the connection. When I met Hammond (, I decided to ask him an obscure question which hasn't been asked before: “Do you like guitar hero? I've made a 2D version if you're interested.” His response was “Err... Continue reading →

Performance and concurrency

Performance and concurrency A technical post today, methinks. After having been assigned to my project supervisor for next year, it seems the thing we are most compatible on is exploring concurrency patterns in software. To that end, I have been researching some of the issues surrounding concurrency by analysing the design of some of my code at work. I am not at liberty to post real source code, so I have given the architectural overview below. Continue reading →

Infinity and Beyond

Getting to grips with this university lark, I think. Having being told by various former work colleagues that, despite the best attempts of universities to convince otherwise, studying at undergraduate life involves attending a few lectures and not much else, I would like to know to which establishments of higher education they were referring. It bears no reflection to how much work that I've been putting in. Continue reading →