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Sad to See The End of Frebruary

I'm not going to lie, there's a part of me that is very sad to see this February end. We were pretty much straight into the second semester after the exams (with at least a few days to get our body clocks back in order (or rather ignore this opportunity to do so and just go out instead)). This did not, however, stop us from enjoying at least a couple of weeks without a deadline or an exam to worry about [1]. Continue reading →

Developing good habits and a plan

Developing good habits and a plan The aspiration for this week is developing the plan. Given the choice of writing about a project and getting on with the grunt work, I very much prefer the latter. In my ideal world I'd have a subordinate who'd handle that for expressing the plan. Projects imply size and therefore large chunks of time. Accountants will say time is money, so it is a sure bet that such a commitment of time will require somebody somewhere to give the OK. Continue reading →

Cryptography and Other Projects

It’s now exactly 6 months since I started at Southampton – boy does time fly when you’re having fun! I can clearly remember sitting in the car half a year ago, not quite sure what I would find here, but half a year down the line I can honestly say I am having the time of my life. Indeed, it is currently our Easter holidays and it seems really strange being at home and not being able to just wander into Zepler or my flat whenever I please. Continue reading →

A Very Fiendish Technical Report

Merry Christmas Everyone! With my last lectures of term out of the way this morning I’m now truly free to join in with the Christmas spirit! We have Slade blaring away in the background and I’m about to wrap presents for my flat’s party tonight. We’re hopefully going ice-skating in the town centre this afternoon too, which I’m really looking forward to! Fast forward to tomorrow and I’ll be back enjoying the creature comforts of home, though I’m going to really miss being here. Continue reading →